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Eye Candy Friday

The Autumn Joy Sedum is in full bloom.  Of course, I would feel more Joyful about this if it was Summer Joy Sedum.  Know what I’m saying?

I’ll be busy turning a year older this weekend.  What will you be doing?

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  1. There’s an old joke about two zebras standing about. One says “What ‘cha doing?” The second says “Eating bushes.” (in an Eeyore-type voice. It’s become the family response for hanging out. So what will I be doing this weekend? Knitting.
    (same voice).

    Happy, Happy Birthday! I know your family will show you a good time!

  2. Happy birthday, dear one!

    I’m going to be running kids hither, thither and yon to activities, and holding down the fort while DH goes to work. In other words, just like weekdays, only with more kids underfoot during the day.

  3. Happy Birthday to you!

    And me 🙂 I just did that yesterday. Its not so bad. Reeeeally.

    As for autumn vs summer, well, I’m in D.C. I’d prefer the change of season. And snow.

  4. Happy Birthday to you and to me too. Busy birthday week around this neck of the woods!!! Love the flowers!!

  5. I hope that you have a fabulous birthday ful of good friends and good food.

    I’ll be busy doing all the stuff I didn’t do during the week – shopping, cleaning, weeding and, hopefully, napping.

  6. Happy Birthday. This is the 3rd birthday greeting in a row on my Google Reader blog list – must be a good week, if so many nice people are having birthdays!

  7. Happy Birthday, Carole. 🙂

    I just LOVE Sedum. I have a small grouping of it in my front flower bed but next year I need to divide and beef it all up with more more more.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I will be at the jersey shore as soon as DH gets home from work and we can leave until Monday, Happy Birthday I have the distinct honor of the 34th anniversary of my 20th birthday on the 30th!

  9. You’re like a fine wine, Carole. You get better with time! 🙂

    (I think this weekend I have to go shopping for something to wear to an upcoming wedding. Not exactly my favorite activity…)

  10. i’ll be having a husband’s-employer-paid weekend in seward, including train rides, a sealife center, and a yarn shop (the last sadly not employer-paid!).

    happy birthday!

  11. Oh, happy birthday weekend! We’re heading out to see our college freshman(!) do his thing in marching band at a football game. It’s supposed to be sunny and warm so I’m excited! Enjoy your celebration.

  12. Have a very Happy Birthday!

    As a volleyball/cheer/football mom, I will be running my progeny hither and yon this weekend.

    I hope you get a break from those activities this weekend.

  13. We’re making brownies this weekend (and I’m starting my first EZ sweater!). We’ll send a toast to you in honor of your birthday. Enjoy!

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