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Sixth Photo Meme

Sandy tagged me for the Sixth Picture Meme and I’m so glad she did.

The rules:

* Go to your Sixth Picture Folder then pick your Sixth Picture.
* Pray that you remember the details.
* Tag 5 others.

I knew this could be an interesting experiment and I was right. Here is my sixth folder’s sixth picture:

I took this photo last month when Dale’s friend Arthur was here. You see, Arthur lives in Hawaii but he comes home to visit his mom at least once a year and he always comes to visit Dale and I, too. This last time he visited he asked us for a special favor. He asked us to go bowling with him. It seems his friends in Hawaii have never heard of candlepin bowling and he wanted to bring home some photos to show them that yes, there really are teeny tiny bowling balls and tall skinny bowling pins.

I was happy to bring my camera along and take some photos of moving objects. I learned a few new things about shutter speed and aperture that night and we had a lot of laughs while bowling, too.

I’m betting some of you have never heard of candle pin bowling either. I think it’s pretty cool that playing along with this meme is also educational to my readers. I’m just here to serve, after all.

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  1. i grew up playing big ball bowling (heh big balls) — kid birthday parties and such — and i’m lousy at it. i’ve only been candlepin bowling a couple of times and i’m much better at it.

  2. My grandfather always used to swear that 10-pin bowling required no skill, but that candlestick and duckpin bowling needed a much finer touch.

  3. FYI – A Canadian fact…we don’t commonly have 10 pin bowling here. We call our bowling 5pin….neat eh???

  4. Heard of it? Yup.
    Seen it? Ever? Nope!
    I did once see Kegeln, which I believe is a German equivalent -small balls, no holes, little pins…

  5. Never, until this moment, had I heard of candlepin bowling. Of the regular kind, I am quite familiar with gutter balls. 🙂

  6. while we don’t have candlepin bowling here, we’ve got that regular 10-pin stuff. I much prefer candlepin. those balls are far easier to throw then my 11+ pounder. My ex and I made sure we went candlepin bowling each time we were in Boston.

  7. We don’t have candlepin powling here in Baltimore, but we have duckpin bowling. Same shape pins as ten pins (which we also have) but they are smaller. And the balls look to be about the size for candlepins, as they are smaller that ten pin balls too. I think duck pins takes more skill that ten pins (candlepins probably does too), as the pinsa are farther apart and the balls have no set grip spots. But for me it is actually easier, because the balls aren’ nearly so heavy.

  8. I grew up with it. I even watched Candlepins for Cash with Bob Gamere (he pronounced it Gameah) when I was a kid. Am I dating myself?

  9. I’ve never bowled “candlepins” before, actually only faintly remember any reference to it. Looks like fun. If you don’t mind I’d like to post mine later this week!

  10. I thought that was only a New England thing 😉
    I’ve never seen it any of the other places I have lived around the country.

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