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Eye Candy Friday

Boston’s Old City Hall, now home to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, among other things, is decorated beautifully for Christmas.

It’s the first weekend of 2009. Do something fun!

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  1. We’re going shopping! Counter to what everyone else is doing. It will be fun as we haven’t been shopping in a long time. Love the photo!

  2. Wow, that’s some classy steak house!

    Think I’ll get back to my walking for weight control. Our high is supposed to be in the 70’s, with scattered thundershowers. With any luck, I can get an afternoon walk in. It will be fun because I have a backlog of knitting podcasts downloaded on my MP3.

  3. Are you serious? It’s a steak house now? When did that happen???? I’m down that was all the time, at Borders on the next corner. WHO KNEW? Leave it to someone from out of town to fill me in on the local happenings. 🙂

  4. That’s a beautiful building! We have a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse here, but I’ve never been. Did you eat there?

  5. Happy New Year Carole! I am just puttering… and grateful that the intestinal bug that laid me low has run its course. I saw Valkyrie… and though I am typically very easily entertained at movies, it wasn’t a favorite. I thought the acting was good, though in truth, I think I would have preferred if they spoke German throughout. Not sure why I didn’t like it so much, maybe because it was depressing to me. But it was interesting.

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