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Eye Candy Friday

Our dog Dixie is such a sweetie. Don’t you just want to scritch her ears?

Have a great weekend and be careful out there!

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  1. My little Bijou loves to cuddle – where is she? curled up to “ignore” the chill. yep, it’s cuddle time.

  2. I would! What a sweet face she has…Enjoy your week-end and do be careful. It is really beautiful outside – but, it is really cold!

  3. Aww, she is so cute!!
    Have a great weekend. I’m really behind with blog reading and just saw your post on the One Day Beret. Thank you! You look so cute in that hat. Berets really suit you.

  4. Remember that dumb song “There Is Nothing Like A Dame?” Forget it. There is nothing like a DOG!!! And yeah, don’t we all just want to rub those cute ears…

  5. Dixie is a sweetie! Here’s a couple of scritches for her. LOVE your bird in hand mittens, my eye went right to that cardinal on the thumb. Nice work!

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