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It’s no surprise that winter makes for tough blogging. The days are short and that makes it difficult to take pictures. It’s cold outside and there aren’t a lot of sightseeing opportunities. Weekends are good for holing up in the house – relaxing and comforting – but not great for producing interesting blog posts. So, I swiped this from Julie because I had nothing else to blog about it looked like fun.

Use the first letter of your name to find a word for each of the following:

Your Name – Carole
Four letter word – coin
Boy name – Chuck
Girl name – Caroline (this was supposed to be my name but my mom decided it was too “long” for such a tiny baby. I once asked her if she didn’t think I was going to grow. Ahem.)
Occupation – clerk
Color – chartreuse
Beverage – cocktails
Something found in a bathroom – comb
A Place – Cape Cod (a twofer!)
Reason for being late – car trouble
Food – cake (My maiden name began with the letter S and whenever we played that “I’m Going on a Picnic Game” I always brought cake and strawberries.)
Something you shout – crap!

Your turn!

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  1. Excellent! I tried doing that in my head with “N” and I think it might take me all day, and a dictionary. So I’ll leave it.

  2. It’s funny how we end up with our names. I was going to be called by my full name, Elizabeth. But when my grandpa held me for the first time, he called me “little Lizzie.” My mom wanted none of that because Liz Taylor was on a roll in those days. So she immediately decided to call me Beth.

  3. Ha! Like Beth, my grandpa called me Lizzie too. He’s the only one who called me that, and the only one who could’ve gotten away with it! Great answers, I guess I’d have to yell Eureka!

  4. Funny!!!! and lots of fun Now this I can relate to – my DearDaughter45 is an R, and DD39 is a P. This is going to take some time…;-)

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