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Eye Candy Friday


This week’s Eye Candy Friday post is brought to you by the Ariat Boot Company. I love my new Fat Baby boots! Cheryl had them first, then Kathy got a pair and now Kim has them, too. I may be sick of snow and ice but at least I have some stylin’ boots to wear!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I really like that combination of cowboy boot-meets-hiking boot. It’s not a style I’ve seen anywhere else before, and it has everything I like about cowboy boots without the slick soles and high heel which aren’t terribly useful for a city cowgirl. Do they *feel* like a hiking boot? Thats what would decide it for me, but I’m quite possibly the only woman I know who doesn’t love shopping for shoes — nothing fits quite right.

  2. Oh no! Now I want some Fat Babies! And my local shoe store seems to carry them! Oh no, again! My last winter boots came from Marshall’s so I owe myself new boots, right?

  3. Curse you and your shoes!! Now there’s yet another pair of shoes I MUST HAVE! Love the style, love the tread. Hate that I see the retailer sells at at least 3 spots within a 5 mile radius of my house!

    Happy Friday, you enabler, you!

  4. I just had to comment – read your 100 things about you and noticed you watched ATWT every day. So do I. In fact I have been watching it since I was around 23 yrs old and I am 71 now. That is a lot of ATWT. I have also been knitting that long.

    By the way, love your boots.

  5. I got a pair of Fat Baby’s last May for my bday – i love them and they are so comfy. Mine are black and the shaft is suede with orange and turquoise embroidery.

  6. drooldrooldrooldroolllllll…. I have long thought of getting some fun and funky boots. May have to splurge on these! (the other notion was some frye’s) My husband thinks I’m Imelda because I have maybe 5 pairs of danskos, and I go through crocs like they’re paper (so maybe I should get something better). I mean, they’re our feet, we should put them in something comfortable and comforting, no?

  7. Love my Fat Babies. Love that dark color. Wish I had a pair in every color for every outfit. They are the most comfortable boots I’ve had and can be on my feet all day. I just started with a drop spindle and I’m addicted to spinning. My husband, kids and coworkers don’t understand why I would want to “make my own yarn”. Can’t explain it. Just love doing it.

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