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Eye Candy Friday


Baa baa black white sheep, have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir, three bags bobbins full.

I hope your bobbins are full of good things this weekend!

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  1. I hope to fill a bobbin this weekend and finish a sleeve, too! I know it’s a shawl but I can’t remember which…Wool Peddlers?

  2. Now I want to stay home from work today and spin, even though I know whatever I come up with wont look quite like that, lol. Beautiful photo!

  3. Ooohhh… must… pet… the… yarn….
    Oops – sorry, slipped away there. Gotta say though – between that photo and 10-a-day, you have single-handedly gotten me back to my wheel! Whee! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Have to finish knitting Valentine’s mittens, then I will spin a bit. DD and I stopped by Nathania’s yesterday and DD was fondling the Grafton batts. I know I have some of those in the stash… A bright bit of color sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

  5. I assume you and your bobbins will be plying over the weekend? Can’t wait to see the resulting yahn!

  6. My bobbins are half full with something good. Hopefully I’ll have time this weekend to fill them a bit more.

    Such a lovely photo.

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