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Eye Candy Friday


Our walk in the woods last Sunday was really nice.  Everything is melting, melting, melting.

Bring on spring, baybeee!

P.S.  It’s Margene’s birthday tomorrow.  Go wish her a happy one, won’t you?

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  1. Lovely shot. The hope of spring is in the air in Boise too. No more patches of snow (for now!). Yeah!

  2. Just catching up… can’t believe you have crocus!!! And I love the martini in your cup holder, very good!

  3. Beautiful sweater! Now I have to ask…. HOW do you do your hair? I recently escaped from the 80’s style perm and have a haircut like yours. I haven’t had non-permed hair in years and have no idea how to style the layers. So do tell, how do you make your hair so gorgeous?

  4. I love this picture, “wing” (winter/spring) in Mass is my favorite time next to summer into fall.

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