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Eye Candy Friday

I had a very simple centerpiece for Easter.  My love of tulips is well known by now, I’m sure.


It’s a 3 day weekend here in Massachusetts – yippee!  Hope you all have a great weekend, too.

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  1. Beautiful tulips! I wish I had a three day weekend. We will be participating in our boy scout troop’s annual 40 miler (that’s a 40 mile hike in one day) tomorrow, and I will be so exhausted after getting up at three and spending the day getting a dinner ready for 60 hungry hikers, that I think I could use both Sunday and Monday to recuperate. It i, however, the most inspiring day of the year for me…so it is all worth it.

  2. The tulips looks especially pretty with the light shining through them like that. Enjoy your extra day off!

  3. You truly take the best of photos of flowers. I have tried and tried, and it is harder than it appears. Hat’s off to you, my friend.

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