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Eye Candy Friday


The warm weather last weekend really made the violets pop – my garden is flooded with them.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I have the purple and light lavender colored ones popping up in my lawn. Very pretty.

  2. We have the little wild ones (or are they feral?) scattered all over. It’s probably time for a woodland ramble, camera in hand.

  3. Beautiful!!

    (btw I solved the mystery over at my place – the original post didn’t “take.”)

  4. Pretty violets! We have some wild ones in our lawn. What really popped here from the warm weather and then the rain was the dogwoods and azaleas. We are heading to SOuth Carolina for a few days for a conference…I’m looking forward to seeing how far ahead of us they are!

  5. They are pretty but they’re taking over my lawn. I have been trying to kill them for a few years. Mine are white and purple. Being they’re really a weed when growing in the lawn, I didn’t think of photographing them; however, they sure are a sign of spring!

  6. Pretty, pretty! We have nearly that many (not really, but it seems that way) in the front lawn of the Minneapolis house. My husband always wants to kill them; I keep saying they are not bothering anything, let them be. So far, they are still there.

  7. The grass is finally starting to get green here in Minnesota. I should have some of those violets popping up in my front yard very soon. Thanks for sharing.

  8. oooooh!!! aaaaaahh!! sniff, sniff, sniff…remember Yardley’s April Violets?

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