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Eye Candy Friday


We haven’t seen the sun here in days.  At least the azaleas are happy.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. It’s been gloomy here, too, but it looks like we might be getting a break today! Pretty, pretty flowers.

  2. It seem cruel to brag about how perfect our weather has been, but that rain was here last weekend. You azalea is gorgeous!

  3. A very pretty pink- right up Cookie’s alley. 🙂 Sun is being promised for later this afternoon! My poor brain sorely needs it never mind the tomato and pepper seedlings that went into the ground on Monday.

  4. Our forecast has improved sufficiently I’ll be sending DH out to restore the patio umbrella and alto wind chime to their places. Happy weekend!

  5. Its overcast in So Cal and I love it, everything has a softer look about it (our sun can be so harsh). I especially like this weather for walks on the beach.

  6. Have a great weekend, Carole! It’s sunny here today, but we’ve had rain on and off for a long time. That’s good for the drought, though!

  7. Pretty! I took photos of some of the flowers around the house. Since it’s our first spring here, it’s an interesting task to try and figure out what’s growing where.

    And the second sock is already on the needles, smart a$$. 😛

  8. Love!

    They look so delicate. I guess they are since they last such a short time.

    I hope the sun comes out for you soon, sweetie. I wish I could send you some of our sunny hot weather.

  9. I love your blog Carole. I aspire to be an avid knitter and photographer. Your blog is great.

  10. This weather is why the Pacific Northwest has such gorgeous rhodies and azaleas! But, honestly, coming to Bloglines from Facebook, I expected a different picture here for Eye Candy Friday!

  11. The sun is actually trying to sneak out now!!! Maybe it will for you too so that you get a sunny week-end.

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