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Eye Candy Friday


Next door to the library is a playground with a walking path.  A coworker and I have been walking over there together these last few weeks.  The other day she spied lady’s slippers so I brought my camera and took some photos.  Beautiful.  And rare.

Kind of like a holiday weekend.  Enjoy!

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  1. So so pretty. Across the street from me, in scrubby dirt, is a whole scattered colony. I love visiting them. They look like man sacs to me.

  2. I used to have quite a few lady slippers here on the fringe of my wetland, but died off- probably too much sun exposure when a few trees fell that were shading them. Cracking up at Laurie’s comment.

  3. What sharp eyes! There were Lady Slippers in the woods on the family farm in Iowa. Alas, I’ve not seen any in the heat of Louisiana.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. We don’t have these flowers in my corner of the country, (I too laughed at Laurie’s comment). Do they have a fragrance?

  5. That’s a particularly beautiful photo and flower. Hope your weather is as great as we’re having here in the Apple. Thanks for posting.

  6. Lost it at “man sacs” and now can’t get that image out of my mind! But I’ll try to have a good weekend!

  7. Gorgeous indeed. There are some on the conservation land that borders our neighborhood, and I’ve been meaning to visit them.

  8. That Wikipedia article forgot to say that the pink lady’s slipper is the state flower of MN. We used to have yellow lady’s slipper growing near our house when I lived in northern MN; those are not nearly as rare. I have never seen a pink one live. Gorgeous photo!

  9. Beautiful! Your yarn and your daughter too. But the pink lady’s slipper? Pretty, but not rare in Mass, or in Maine. Look at the MA natural heritage page, here,
    Lady slippers are under “Orchidaceae”. There are others that are rare, and you’re unlikely to go to the places where they grow.

    The man sacs comment is funny, because their name “orchid” comes from JUST THAT! The true Orchis genus has these paired tubers that look much like testicles.

  10. Love the lady’s slipper! They grow in Mum’s woods, so if I time a visit right, I get to see them in the wild. Since I have a long row of pine trees on one edge of my property, I keep getting the itch to buy some plants and try to grow them here. So far, I also keep missing the sales times. Which, given the difficulty in providing proper environment for these plants, is probably a good thing for the plants.

  11. Such a beautiful thing! I sometimes find them in the woods around here too. It is always such and exciting discovery when I do because they are so rare.

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