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Eye Candy Friday


The local strawberries are ready – and delicious – despite the cool temperatures and persistent rain.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Have been reading your blog for a while but first time commenting. I love your friday eye candy. Those strawberries look scrumptious!

  2. The ones near us still need a bit of time. I’m really looking forward to this weekend’s farmers market here in town. It’s opening weekend and should be great…if it’s dry out. lol

    Have great adventures this weekend! I can’t wait to read about them on Monday.

  3. Beautiful berries! Something keeps nabbing ours just as they get ripe. My youngest is plotting a Rube Goldberg-like contraption to capture the thief. Should make for some entertainment!

  4. They ARE good this year. We picked over 8lbs worth on Tuesday and made tons of jam. My daughter found one that was, as she said, ‘as big as a tomato’!

  5. Tomorrow’s the Unitarian church fair, and the only reason I go is for the scrumptious strawberry shortcakes. I started drooling yesterday.

  6. Just home from Maine and wanted to catch up with you…love the strawberries!

    The sweater is beautiful. I really like that pattern on you.

    Also, happy belated anniversary!!! Your day sounds like it was wonderful!

  7. Hubby brought in two fat strawberries-I cut them in two and we shared the two halves. There’ll be more soon.

  8. i just had the best strawberry pie today. what a coincidence! go team crankypants! ( what that has to do with strawberries i have no idea. o.O )

  9. I am so glad you posted the strawberries. I did not think they were ready yet with all this rain. Thanks. We got some today. I sent you an email about the Sand Scuptures at Hampton Beach NH. They have two ladies knitting. So cute and they even have a sheep sitting near them. Too bad they did not do a spinner. Maybe next year.

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