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Eye Candy Friday

Now that autumn is officially here, allow me to present. . .

last rose of summer

the last rose of summer.  I’m so glad it’s pink.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Looks like a Queen Elizabeth I used to have long ago. Those last roses are so colorful with the cooler weather.

  2. Love the clarity of the shallow foreground *and* the color contrast.

    DD wore a sweatshirt to school this morning and I finally have a tingle of knitting urgency. It’s foggy out — we closed the windows last night. Fall is here.

  3. Carole, I was outside about 2 minutes ago admiring my last rose too. The one here is yellow and pink, but just as nice – and smells extra pretty since I won’t see it for so long. I bet yours does too.

  4. Lovely rose. Ours are still in bloom, but frost is predicted in the next ten days. I do love fall, but will miss those sunshiney mornings of summer. Have a blast this weekend!

  5. Roses are my favorite; especially pink ones . . . and especially fall blooms. Because, you know, it’ll be a while before they come back! Lovely. 🙂

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