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Eye Candy Friday

sugar maple leaves for blog

We got apples in our CSA share last week.

I wore sneakers and socks when I went for my morning walk yesterday.

And the leaves are starting to turn.

I guess fall is going to come whether I want it to or not.

It’s not that I don’t like fall, I actually do.

It’s the season that follows fall that I despise.


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  1. I long for fall. Your tree is lovely, but mine are still covered in green. I wore flip-flops yesterday. Send some of that cool weather my way, eh? Have a wonderfully fun weekend in all that fall color!

  2. Thanks for a little slice of home…the leaves are beautiful! They are turning a bit in Idaho, but it is hard to get into the fall mood when it is still 95 degrees during the day : (

    Also, **love** the June Carter socks!!

  3. Yay for fall in New England!!!
    Have one of those crisp Macoun Apples for me (we cannot normally get them out here)
    Great photo (as always – 🙂

  4. I prefer my seasons to run Summer, Fall, Holidays, Spring (which would start about the 15th of January). Alas, I am not in charge. Glad to see you’ve got turning leaves though, we’re headed to ME soon.

  5. I love fall, too, but would have preferred to have had summer first. We never even opened some of our storm windows this “summer.” Oh well.

  6. With you in spirit on that! I do think this photo will help me feel better about getting a few months of leaf color before the real cold sets in… thanks!

  7. I love all seasons. Don’t despise any of them, Carole! Love them all!

    Caveat: This attitude is subject to change, come February.

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