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Unconscious Mutterings

more birthday zinnias

Socktoberfest is going well but it doesn’t lend itself to particularly exciting blog fodder.  So I’m stealing a page from Cookie and I’m doing my first Unconscious Mutterings exercise.

Yacht :: daydream
Paula :: Deen
Delete :: spam
Auto :: matic
Obsolete :: typewriter
Dedicated :: husband
Old :: time rock ‘n roll
Convince :: debate
Poster :: child
Erase :: blackboard

I hope you weren’t too bored.  I’ll try and be more exciting tomorrow.

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  1. Hey, you made the attempt. That’s what matters. Hope the day is a great one for you. 😉

  2. well…. you know, there are some that might attempt to interpret your thought links… (heh heh.. insert fiendish glee-type laughter) Nahh, but seriously it’s fine.
    and I agree with Cookie.. more kitty photos.
    more anything photos of yours
    the flowers are lovely!

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