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Eye Candy Friday

more round red leaves

I don’t know what this little plant is and, frankly, I never noticed it until it turned bright red this week. Aren’t the leaves so cool?

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. You knew I would ask, didn’t you. Actually, once I considered it in greens, it reminds me of a plant I have often seen clustered with others in dish gardens from the florist.

  2. This plant reminds me of the “MONEY PLANT” Lunaria annua. The leaves on the money plant are round, off-white, very thin and see-through and have many seeds inside that you can easily see through the flesh of the leaf. That’s what this one reminds me of!

  3. Very interesting! The spots are probably much harder to see when the leaves are green. I’m with Gale: they do remind me of butterfly wings.

  4. I think it is a “Smoke plant” Cotinus I think is the spelling of its Genus name. They come in green and red varieties and the flowers are very small and ‘smoky’ looking hence the name. I have a deep red/orange variety here and a red/greenish in Oklahoma.

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