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Eye Candy Friday

mirage las vegas blue sky

I’ve been holding out on you this week. I wasn’t exactly in Massachusetts.

Viva Las Vegas!

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  1. I thought I saw a reference to you asking one of the Utah girls if they saw you waving from the plane overhead and I thought it was an inside joke of sorts. And it was not.

  2. “Mr. Blue Sky, please tell me why you had to hide away for so long…” Great shot. Or was it great slots? Happy Friday!

  3. And you’re still holding out on us! What’d you do, who’d you see, where’d you go? And how much money did you make/lose?!

  4. What fun! I have a friend who just flew out there this morning for a convention. Say hi for me, OK?

  5. Wow. You are good. I am impressed. I go grocery shopping or take a nap and end up three days behind on email and blogs. You could be magic!

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