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Thankful Thursdays

I have to say that I so enjoyed reading everyone’s Thankful Thursdays posts last week. Some were serious and some were funny and all were wonderful reminders of everything we have. I can’t wait to read what you all have to be thankful for again this week.


As for me, I am thankful for:

1. My job. I love being a librarian and a manager. I really love being “the boss” and the flexibility that comes with it.

2. My pets. Okay, mostly Mason. I love Dixie, of course, but I am a cat person through and through, and Mason is the cat of my heart.

3. My home. I have a roof over my head and a pretty low mortgage by today’s standards. While I don’t have closets or a second bathroom, my house is warm and cozy and Dale gives me the freedom to decorate it in any way that pleases me.

This thankfulness thing can really brighten your outlook. If you haven’t already, give it a try!

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  1. Closets are highly overrated. Your home is one of the most cozy I’ve been in and it has so much more character than something new.

  2. Like you, I am a cat person. Somehow our family dog thinks I’m his person and follows me everywhere. My cats, in true aloof fashion, could care less where I am – unless my movement denies them a warm place to sit. Enjoy your day!

  3. OH!!! I LOVE your dining room! Give me good Windsor chairs ANY day!
    (and we both know I understand the special features of the Siamese – your photo of Mason is terrific!)

  4. …And I just got it when I read Gale’s comment. Dang, I am slow.

    Yep, I’m a cat person too. And you are so right, there’s much to be thankful for.

  5. lIfe is so short it is important to be thankful for the good things in our life. You have lots of good things 😉

  6. While I’m totally a dog person, I am thankful that you have Mason … and I do have to admit that he is a GORGEOUS cat 🙂 Thanks for another positive post 🙂

  7. Is that your library? It’s such a beautiful building. I lover your dining room too. It looks so cozy and welcoming. I love having closets and a 2nd bathroom is a very good thing but I might be willing to trade them for a house with a bit of character.

  8. Shelter, employment, companionship, and all highly aesthetically pleasing… life really is good!

    My office is on the fourth floor of the university library with big south-facing windows (a mixed blessing when the winter sun comes straight in) overlooking a creek that runs through campus. Yesterday I saw a Great Blue Heron fly along the creek and I often see hawks above the tree line.

  9. I agree about the home, although since someone broke in on Sunday morning at 4 and robbed us while we were asleep I feel a little less secure there (and I live in a nice neighborhood….which I guess someone out there wanted a piece of, even though it’s not a wildly nice neighborhood, just a modest one). However it was just “stuff” that we lost, which leads me to my biggest thankful thing for this week, my wonderful dog. Petey is a 30 pound fluffball of a cockapoo who made sure to wake me and stayed by my side even though he usually runs downstairs ahead of me. I never heard the burglar, but Petey’s actions caused him to flee out the kitchen window, (and the burglar was already on the stairs when Petey heard him, he was that quiet). Petey has been my constant shadow ever since. The crazy thing is that my husband hears every noise and never sleeps soundly, but he did Saturday night…although he did wake up as soon as I started yelling. So we lost some stuff but we are very thankful for the safety of our family and our dog and the stuff can be replaced.

  10. I just love that you created thankful thursday – it is a joy to read all around blog land.
    Fabulous photos – and wonderful sentiments.

  11. Is that first picture one of your library? What a beautiful building.

    I would be lost without my local library.

    Your pets look snuggly.

  12. I have always thought that your home would be warm and cozy – not just from the photos you’ve posted – but, because of the way you are…

    We all really have so much to be thankful for! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Thankful for things knitting and spinning and all of my bee sisters that I’ve learned a thing or three from along the way.

  14. I am thankful for my job and the extra overtime that I’ve been getting (its really needed). I am grateful for my three standard poodles, the comfort they provide. Inspite of not being able to cuddle with the two kitties that I adopted from my yard (I’m allergic to them), I love that they are now tame enough to come up for pats on the head and hang out in the yard most of the time. I am also thankful to my fellow bloggers whose posts are comforting and inspiring.

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