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Eye Candy Friday

Basket of Love_resized

If you are following my Project 365 set on Flickr you may see some repeats here when Eye Candy Friday rolls around. There are only so many special photos in a week, you know.

Anyway, this pretty little basket is full of pretty little skeins of Vesper Sock yarn. Hopefully this weekend they will start to be transformed into pretty little Chevron Love Mittens.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love the colors against your red wall. I see your baskets of yarn in my minds eye often when I think of your house. I wanted to join 365 but remembered too late and now I know wouldn’t have worked. Nice job!

  2. Agreed. It is difficult to have a great image to post everyday, but I have to say you usually do! Love the colors. I have never made a mitten.
    Do you have a two needle pattern. Circs just kill my arms lately.

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