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Mondo Cable Pulli

I finished the Mondo Cable Pulli just in time to wear it at SPA. And, luckily for me, my favorite photographer in the whole world agreed to do a photo shoot of me and my sweater.  Cheryl, baby Eloise and I headed outside right after lunch on Saturday. The lighting was good and there was a cute little park bench right next to the hotel.

Carole 1

I was instructed to sit down. So I sat.

Carole 2

And I was instructed to laugh. So I laughed.

Okay, so about the sweater. I love it! The color is perfect with black jeans and that’s just what I wanted. It’s a little bigger than I had hoped but I think I can fix that by re-blocking it.  And it’s comfortable! The Beaverslide yarn is soft enough for me for next-to-skin wearing but I do have a pretty good tolerance for scratchy and someone else might want a shirt underneath.

Mondo Cable

I did make some modifications, which is fairly unusual for me. I repeated the cable twist every 12 rows instead of every 18 rows as the pattern stated.

Mondo Cable Bottom Edge

And I changed the bottom and sleeve edgings to 2×2 ribbing. I tried it first as written but ripped it out and I’m much happier with it this way.

This sweater is an unqualified success. I can see myself wearing it over and over again. A knitter can’t ask for more than that.

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  1. Cheryl’s pix came out way better than mine… as if that were a surprise. (But I got some nice ones of Cheryl, as you may have seen by now.) Wonderful sweater, and highly cooperative model.

  2. I really like that sweater on you! It looks so comfortable…and you look very happy in your photos…

  3. LOVE it! Beverslide is amazing yarn. 🙂

    It looks like early spring or late fall in that picture….good thing you took them on Saturday instead of Sunday…LOL!

  4. Love it!! I especially like the ribbing on the edge. I did the Mondo Cable Cardi and I went with the standard ribbing and I wasn’t happy with how it turned out because it curled.

    The pics are awesome too!

  5. You look so very pretty – and a lovely new sweater 🙂
    The color and style are great on you. I think that I shall have to try Beaverslide sometime soon!

  6. I completely and totally adore that sweater. I just saw a great sale on yarn that I think would be terrific for that sweater and I think I have to make it. Great Job!!!!

  7. I love love love it! It looks like it was made for you (ohahahaha)!

    I bough the vest with the cable pattern a few days ago – after Easter I want to knit something that isn’t a toy. Your sweater has totally motivated me. I want one of those too.

  8. You look beautiful when you smile. If I remember correctly, you have a daughter who is in college. No way do you look old enough!

    P.S.The sweater looks nice, too. 🙂

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