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Eye Candy Friday

One Drop resized for blog

Still winter here in New England. BUT the Oscars are this weekend and that makes me so happy!

Have a good one, friends!

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  1. Most of my snow is gone and a flock of robins have come back and are squabbling over territory in my wetland woods. Spring is around the corner!

  2. Enjoy your Oscar celebration! I am a die-hard Oscar fan (LOVE the “pre-game” red carpet stuff the best), but this year my husband is boycotting; he dislikes Alec Baldwin with a passion. Looking forward to seeing what your menu will be this year!

  3. I am so sick of the snow/rain. The sun can’t come out fast enough tomorrow!

    Enjoy your annual Oscar celebration. I thought about you this morning when I heard it was this weekend. For some reason I always thought they were at the end of March.

  4. We still haven’t gotten rid of our snow but I know spring is coming because yesterday they announced that the Cherry Blossoms will bloom on time. I can’t wait.

    I’ll be watching the Oscars too. I mat even be playing Oscar Bingo. You should check it out. It’s kind of funny.

  5. I was walking with my dog in a park yesterday, and there was still quite a bit of snow…but there was new, green grass poking up in the ever-growing bare spots. And there was just that itty-bitty hint of warmth in the wind, still cold, but not like February wind. And as Nora said, there are buds on those branches.

    Enjoy your weekend and the Oscars!

  6. I’m glad you told me Spring was coming … I couldn’t tell 😉 Hope you have a fantastic Oscar celebration!!

  7. Oscars from start to finish for me too! It is such a guilty pleasure – and best watched with a glass or two of champagne!

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