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Eye Candy Friday

Macro Daylilies blog size

The day lilies are in full bloom. Hooray!

Hope your weekend is great. You already know mine will be!

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  1. So far we’ve just got one daylily up against the foundation that’s started blooming. My Dutch irises, on the other hand, are in full bloom, with the Siberian irises not far behind.

  2. Mine are budded though not open yet. Enjoy the weekend! Hope Hannah has a great time tonight and that you aren’t too grumpy tomorrow. 🙂

  3. I hope Hannah’s prom is everything she dreams of…and you get SOME rest…some time over the weekend. 🙂 Beautiful daylily!

  4. Prom shoes are just for taking off so you can dance, right? Can’t wait to see this year’s pictures!

  5. have fun tonight.. are you and Dale going to take turns napping (giggles) because we ALL know that the kids won’t be falling asleep until around 2am 😉

  6. Today is Friday……breathe, rest and then soak in all of the excitement of the upcoming weekend’s treasures.

  7. Yours are earlier than mine, which are probably a few weeks away. My Lady Slippers are out though, a few weeks early!

  8. Wow, those could get me to rethink day lilies. When I was a kid we had the boring orange kind, and I never liked them, so now we have none.

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