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Eye Candy Friday

Eye Candy Iris blog size

My iris are in bloom. They aren’t as pretty as Hillary’s but they will do.

This weekend will be spent doing yard work and shopping and prepping for the upcoming graduation party. It’s still 2 weeks away but it’s getting to be crunch time, you know?

Hope your weekend is full of happy!

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  1. Love the irises! they are on my list for when we have a house! 🙂

    Good luck getting everything squared away for the party; is everyone doing better with this now?

  2. You are going to be buried in things to do. Good planning to get ahead of the game.
    Your iris are ahead of ours. I’ve not seen one.

  3. Iris, my favorite garden flower. Yours is lovely. Hope you can stay ahead of your to-do list this weekend!

  4. Beautiful picture! I adore the smell of irises. Ours died a few years ago, so I’m always sneaking sniffs while I’m out with the dog. 🙂

  5. “Full of happy” – I like that! I love the closeup of the design of the iris. I walk by mine without paying attention to that part of it.

  6. I love iris. I wish the different colors I have would bloom at the same time. First I get the dark purple, then the medium purple, and now the white ones are starting to open. I think I have some yellow ones too, but they must be even later. I guess at least with the different bloom times, I get an overall longer blooming period.

  7. Have fun with your party prep! It’s such an exciting time for your daughter… such a time of change and adjustment for you!

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