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Eye Candy Friday

Red Berries blog size

We have this hedge and it’s got thorns and it’s dead in some spots and it’s generally ugly. We keep saying we should rip it out and put in a little picket fence. But in the fall it does produce these red berries and the birds love them.  I still don’t think that’s reason enough to keep it, though.

Normally at this point I’d tell you to have a great weekend but instead I will say “see you tomorrow” because I’m doing NaBloPoMo. Me? Posting on Saturdays and Sundays? It’s a miracle!

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  1. It’s berberis. The birds do love it but don’t feel bad if you want to remove it. It’s on the invasive list for MA. I have one too but it’s far back in the woody section where I don’t have to prune it!

  2. Yup it’s on the invasive species list. The thorns have a way of getting you. That will be weird yet wonderful reading you over the weekends.

  3. Oh good! Will look forward to Sat. and Sun. Me? I’m on my third (this is getting boring) pair of Bella’s Mittens in gray. They seem to be what young ladies of a certain age want.

  4. You could put in the picket fence and place a few bird feeders around. Win-win. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

  5. Our playground in grade school had those hedges. We used to thorns to play doctor, giving each other “shots”. It’s a miracle no one got tetanus from it!

    Thanks for the memories.

  6. Carol already identified it. If you do get rid of it, you might want to replace it with native species like serviceberry, which the birds also love. And you can eat if you can get there before the birds.

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