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Saturday #2

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It’s Saturday and that means it’s time for five more things about me.

  1. My 5th blogiversary was last January 29th and I forgot to blog about it. A major milestone like that and I forgot? I should’ve turned in my blogging license months ago.
  2. I hate to pump gas. Hate. it. I actually try to leave the tank empty for when Dale drives my car so that he will have to pump the gas. I’m not even sure what it is I hate about it. Obviously if it’s cold or raining then it stinks but I even hate it in the summer when the weather is beautiful. I think it’s the standing there and waiting and doing nothing that makes me crazy.
  3. The other morning, while driving to work, I saw a magnificent 8 point buck by the side of the rode. He was in a clearing and there were beautiful fall leaves on the ground and in the trees behind him and he stood there, perfectly motionless, looking back at me. It was amazing.
  4. I am a morning person. I love to get up early (okay, I define early as 6) on the weekends and enjoy the quiet. I check my email and facebook and read blogs and then I knit. It’s my favorite time of the day.
  5. I have several lenses for my camera but I tend to get into ruts with them. I’ll leave the wide angle on for weeks. Or I’ll use the original lens that came with the camera for a while. Today I remembered that I have a prime lens and I put that on the camera – we’ll see how long this one stays there but I predict it will be a while.

And that makes 10, for those of you keeping track.

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  1. So with you on the morning thing.

    My husband usually swipes my car to fill my gas tank – I’m so used to not worrying about it that I never look at the gas gauge. Dangerous!

  2. I have been known to keep a book in the car just so I’ll have something to read while I pump gas. But what I usually do is try to always use the full service station in town (full service AND the cheapest gas! We loves them!), so I can knit on my carrying sock while someone else does the work.

  3. I’m with ya on the pumping gas thing. I’ve been so bad as to actually run out before! Not my proudest moment.

    For me it’s not the waiting that’s the worst part, but the smelly hands. I just feel filthy all over…ugh.

  4. I hate to pump gas, too. I try to get my husband to do it, especially in the winter. By my work there is a full service station that I like to use whenever possible.

  5. From the comments it seems many of us hate the gas pump! I’ve been known to get into trouble because I waited too long to fill up and forgot to ask Smith to do it.
    Morning is the very best time of day. It is the time of day few people enjoy so we have it to ourselves!

  6. I also dislike pumping gas even though it’s cheaper. It feels vaguely dangerous (!!) and the gas gets on your hands. But mostly it’s because in our previous vehicle, the tank door had to be unlocked under the dashboard, then by the time I got around to the side of the car, it had locked itself again. Around and around I went. P.S. No lobster buoys on the beach but lots and lots of driftwood.

  7. Don’t mind pumping gas – hate to wash the lettuce. Weird. I’m a morning person too! (except mornings when my younger daughter has a sleepover, and I’m up until 2 am [last night]!)
    Good to “see” you for a second Saturday!

  8. i made is so’s new Friday Archive Dive made me aware that I’m coming up on 7 years (if you count the old blog) and I don’t think I’ve marked a blogiversary in several years so if you loose your license so do I! I only have two lenses for my camera but I’ve been in a very long rut with the 50mm 🙂 Love it!

  9. Really? I don’t mind pumping gas. I guess because it’s a few minutes spend doing nothing but enjoying whatever weather we’re having and just not thinking. I guess that says something about me, but whatever. :p

  10. I don’t understand about the gas, but then I usually multi-task somehow while the pump is running. Your photo is just amazing, and makes me WANT a camera with multiple lenses. I am a morning person also, and love that quiet time. Happy weekend!

  11. I don’t hate pumping gas but it really depends on the price I’m paying. When I’m at the Costco gettin’ a deal I love it, when I’ve put it off too long (running on E) and forced to pay too much I really resent it.

    I get in ruts with lenses too but I just got a cool new camera bag for my birthday and it makes it much easier to change them. I hope it helps.

  12. I don’t mind pumping gas, but I am not so good on the getting up early on the weekends. Our last experience with a deer was not so good. We hit one with the car on Wednesday night. THankfully we were both ok and the deer did go off into the woods (not sure if it made it, which has us both bothered tremendously to think it might have suffered). $2500 in damage later, I am not feeling so friendly toward the beasts. Although I do usually find them beautiful, I guess I have to give it more that a week to think so again.

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