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Saturday #3

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Here we are at Saturday again and that means you get to learn 5 more things about me.  I thought it might be useful to share some of the tips and techniques I use for various knitting projects, so this Saturday’s things are all about knitting.

  1. I knit almost exclusively on Addi Turbo circs. I have just about every size and length I need at this point and I hardly ever bother with straight needles anymore.
  2. When I knit my picot edge socks, or any other sock pattern that has a row repeat I need to keep track of, I use my beginning of the round stitch marker to keep track of my rows. I simply move it in one stitch for each row that I’ve knit. For instance, if I’m on row 1, the marker is in one stitch from the beginning of the round. Row 2 is 2 stitches in, etc. This makes it really easy to keep track of my place and I don’t have to count rows.
  3. I use a traditional row counter for tracking increases and decreases. I have a system that uses the 2 numbers on the counter separately. For instance, if I am knitting sleeves (which I have been and the Spartan Sweater for Dale is done) I use the right hand number to track how many rows I’ve knit and the left hand number to track how many repeats I’ve done.  So number 24 means I have completed 2 increases and am on the 4th row of the current number of increases. I hope that makes sense – it’s kind of hard to explain.
  4. Speaking of sleeves, I knit both at once. This is an easy way of making sure they come out the same.
  5. Finally, when I am charted designs I use a LoRan magnetic board. I’ve had this since my days of doing counted cross stitch and I find it perfect for keeping track of my place on a complicated lace chart.

Did you learn anything new?

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  1. Yes, and something I’ll give a try as well. Tips # 3 is quite clever and easier than writing in my journal. I totally agree about the Addis! I have quite a collection and freely add to it when I need to. I have Knit picks and HIya Hiyas interchangeables, but only use them when I know I knit multiple project on same size needle.

  2. I do the same thing for increases/decreases! Works like a charm until you have more than 9 rows in any increases but I still like it. I also only knit on addi turbos. Thanks for sharing some knit bits about you.

  3. Great tips! I usually keep track in the margins of my pattern or in a notebook, but I will have to try your method.

  4. Super list of tips and tricks. Love stuff like that! I’m looking forward to seeing Dale’s sweater. My, you got that done quickly! Brava!

  5. I learned we have very different means of getting to the same end. I never keep count, and fly by the seat of my pants. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. Your method would be much safer and I need to incorporate your techniques into my knitting.

  6. Tip #3 is interesting – I may have to try that some time. But I like to put in a safety pin when I do an increase or decreases that are on edges to be seamed. Not only can I make sure I did all of them, but when I do the seaming, I can match up the two fabrics at each pin.

  7. I love your knit counter tips. I’m mostly a paper and check mark kind of girl, but I recently downloaded the “stitch minder” App for my Ipod Touch and really like that.

    I’m definitely with you on the addi turbo needles, but I’m also a big fan of my Knit Picks Options needle set (metal, of course).

  8. Yes, I did! I never thought to use my row counter that way (#3). I’ll keep this in mind for my next project with dual patterning. Thanks!
    I have resorted to #4 when I want a sweater instead of a vest. And it has the added benefit of having the same ‘design feature’ in the event of a mis-read in the directions.

  9. #2: Brilliant! (I always have a stitch marker to identify the start of a row or the right side – moving it over one stitch each time keeps track of row counting. Brilliant!) Thanks for that tip!

  10. Those are GREAT tips! I have always used paper to keep track of decreases/increases and rows, but I like your ideas!

  11. I’ve tried to like Addis, I really have. But they set my teeth on edge like fingernails on a chalkboard. I’m just a wooden needle girl.

    I love your tip for keeping track of rows!!

  12. I do the same thing with the row counters – works better than hash marks! I recently tried knitting both sleeves at once and it was going great – until I realized I’d knit the wrong size! I was almost finished, too.

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