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Eye Candy Friday

Knitting Needles blog size

A few years ago a friend gave me a collection of knitting needles when her mom passed away. I don’t use them much, as I’m an addi user, but I love the way they look in this bucket on the mantel in my craft room. The colors are pretty and they make me think of Lisa and her mom.

Sometimes the simple things make the best photos. And memories.

Make some memories this weekend!

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  1. I have my mother in law’s collection. I think I’ll take them out of hibernation and use them as decoration. I love the pretty colors of those ol’ Susan Bates. Addis for me as well!

  2. I have a large collection of my grandmothers needles and keep them in the family heirloom leather fireplace bucket. Love how yours look against the red wall. Heh, I see a pair of Brittanys in the front there. Scarf size 7’s or 8’s?

  3. So pretty. I have all my mom’s old needles – I never thought of displaying them like that! Hers are less dramatic though…

  4. Looks like my pile of knitting needles that Inherited. It is hard to use straight needles.

  5. What a great idea! I have my Mom’s needles & her best friend’s needles … but they’re stuck away in a drawer. I might have to find a pretty container to display them in πŸ™‚

  6. I have collections from both grandmothers and my mother (who is still around and borrows them occasionally).

    They do make a really nice display, don’t they? I love the bright colors of the old aluminum needles.

  7. Great photo! I have some needles that would be awesome in a display….now to find space to put them out. I am envious of your craft room. Someday I hope to have one.I thought I was going to be gaining one, but my son is moving back home, so there it goes.

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