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Eye Candy Friday

Another Friday, another shed. This one is in the back yard of my neighbor across the street. I took it from my bedroom window because a) I’m lazy and b) it was coooold out there.  The light was too pretty to not take the photos, though.

It’s another long weekend and we’re taking Hannah back to college on Monday. I’ll see you all on Tuesday. Until then, carry on. And do something FUN!

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  1. Perfect! Semester break goes so fast! Enjoy your weekend. I’m off to Costa Rica for 10 days. Should be lots of fun!

  2. Fun: YES!!!! Tonight the Michigan kids and grandkids (ages 2 and 4) fly in, along with the Chicago grown up plus serious girlfriend. The NH kids and grandkids (3 and 5) will be here and we will be celebrating our “Family Christmas” on Saturday. Sunday my brother from Ohio will fly in to share the joy and chaos, staying on for a few days of quiet after all the chaos goes home on Tuesday. It will definitely be FUN!! (And a lot of trips to the airport, but that’s life…….)

  3. What a spectacular shot! And through a window? nicely done! I while it’s not going to be “fun” on Monday, you are that uber proud mama dropping Hannah off for another successful semester!

  4. Looking at the shed and for some reason I can smell beef stew and slow cooking apples. Life is Good!

  5. I agree with Cathy R – that is a shed?! I’d also like to see photos of it when it’s not covered with snow. It’s so charming.

  6. that is far too adorable to be called a “shed” – rather it should be called a ‘doll house’. I could live in a little spot like that 😉

  7. It has rained, sleeted, and snowed all day today! I want a do-over on the holiday—or at least a few hours of blue skies and sunshine. I’m starting to think all these big piles of dirty snow are NEVER going to go away.

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