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Eye Candy Friday

Dale and I picked out this bouquet of tulips on our trip to the grocery store last week, right before I got sick. At the time we didn’t know they’d be adorning my sick room but I sure am glad we got them because they really brightened those days for me.

Here’s to a better – and healthier! – weekend for all of us!

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  1. Beautiful! I bought red tulips this week but they haven’t looked as fresh as yours. I was so excited to see that it was tulip time again!

  2. Tulips are such playful flowers. I hope you’re able to have some big fun to make up for last weekend.

  3. We also bought a pot of pink tulips! They brighten a room and bring in a touch of spring!! Hope you’re feeling much better!!

  4. So lovely, and I love the smell of tulips. Several years ago, I had surgery in early spring and knew I’d be stuck at home recuperating for a couple weeks. The day before, I went out and stocked up on fresh tulips and hyacinths. Even when I was snoozing, I was breathing in their wonderful fragrance.

    I hope this weekend more than makes up for last! 🙂

  5. Oh Tulips! Hands down, my favorite flower of all time. I actually looked for some last weekend, but didn’t find any. I’ll keep on searching.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I need some tulips…you’re the second person to post a photo in as many days! Sorry about the illness…hope you’re better soon!

  7. I always buy tulips or daffodils after Christmas. This year C beat me to it 🙂

    Over Christmas my daughter’s new boyfriend decided at the last minute to drive 14 hours, over mountain passes in the snow in a Smart car to meet us. Halfway here he was hit with the same thing you had. He had to pull over and check into a hotel for a five hour sleep in the middle of it. I was sure not to shake his hand when we met.

  8. I am new to blogging, so I feel like I am in the “just taking notes” phase. But when I do find a blog topic I like, I do comment because I genuinely like what has been said or the information was helpful to me. I am officially linked to your blog now, so I will be checking in often! Thanks for all the great advice.

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