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Eye Candy Friday

Another photo of Manise’s handspun from last weekend.

Manise says to tell you that the yarn is Hello Yarn Fiber Club December 2010. It’s Romney in the colorway Timber and she got 184Yds of aran weight singles from the 4 oz. (When you ask Manise for details she gives you details. I love that about her.)

The photo reminds me of a God’s Eye – remember those from summer camp?

Have a great weekend and do something that reminds you of being a kid!

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  1. Please let Manise know how beautiful this is! I have no hope of ever producing a hank that lovely!

  2. The color changes are so precise and even! I bet it’s even plied beautifully. And, yes, the summer camp/elementary school God’s Eyes made with twigs or popsicle sticks was the first thing that occurred to me, too. Have a great weekend yourself, and I love the advice on how to spend the time — drinking straw weaving looms, anyone? 🙂

  3. We are! We’re taking our twenty-something daughters to Harry Potter World in Orlando! Woo hoo!!!!!

  4. Yep, god’s eye was the first thing I thought of! Did you guys make little doo dads to swap and hang from your hats? Camp was so much fun. I sold a lot of cookies to go, and it was worth it!

  5. Manise does great spinning! ANd yes, I thought god’s eye before you mentioned it.

  6. I thought it WAS a God’s Eye until you explained it. I’m going to fly up there and have Manise wind all my skeins for me.

  7. A God’s Eye was exactly what I thought it was until I looked closer. What beautiful yarn! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

  8. The colors are beautiful! Heh, and yes, that pic does bring back nice memories of God’s Eyes. I bought one on my first trip to Mexico when I was a little girl. I thought they were the neatest things I’d ever seen. Thanks for the reminder of a happy memory.

  9. Exactly – I thought it was a God’s Eye, too! I love the contrast of the purple and yellow. The only kid-like thing I could do this weekend is splash through puddles. Heaven knows we have enough of them right now…

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