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Eye Candy Friday

I figured I owe you this one after yesterday’s picture of the ever dwindling wood pile. Lilac buds = signs of spring! Hooray!

I hope you all have a great weekend. Spend some time searching for signs of spring in your neighborhood!

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  1. The rain this morning is washing the rain away so I can actually get around my yard ( with boots of course) and see if anything is poking through! DH even bought me a gardening present this week. A really cool rolling weeding bin! Hurry spring, hurry!

  2. I love lilacs and we don’t have them here in the south but
    we have everything else blooming beautifully. I think we are in for a gorgeous spring. Yay!! Your photo is great, Carole

  3. How lovely and hopeful! I saw snowdrops and several other new growing things on my walk yesterday…today, it’s all covered in snow…again.

  4. One of my favorite signs of spring is morning sunshine. We’re not getting much yet, but it’s lovely to drive to work and see it coming over the hills. Your lilacs are lovely. I can hardly wait until mine are blossoming.

  5. I didn’t have to look far this morning – I was able to go to work in only a light vest, rather than a heavy coat. And I needed my sunglasses! YAY!

    Have a great weekend.

  6. Now that the snow is melting, I can see that my primroses are greening up. They, and the hellebores, are usually the first flowers I have in my garden.

  7. Lilac buds are a lovely sign of things to come. This year I think the most welcome sign of spring in our neighborhood was seeing the curbstones again! No more 4 ft high snowbanks!

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