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Eye Candy Friday

Mother Nature is playing April Fool’s with us today. Supposedly my part of the state is going to get mostly (hopefully ALL!) rain but other parts of the state and northern parts of New England are going to be bombarded with snow.  I took this picture of my crocuses yesterday just in case they wind up buried later today.

Yoohoooooo . . . spring? Are you out there?

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  1. I woke up this morning singing the spring version of “Where are you Christmas?” from The Grinch who stole Christmas. Just substitute Spring for Christmas and you have how I feel! Bad news it’s cold, but not much snow; good news it’s April!!

  2. I woke up to about six inches of wet, heavy snow and it’s still coming down very heavy. They’re predicting at least a foot for my area. I am NOT happy with the lack of spring this year. My crocuses hadn’t even appeared yet, now they’re covered with more snow.

  3. I’m not amused by Mother Nature’s April fools joke, either. We’re supposed to get nearly a foot of snow in my area :(I am so ready for spring!

  4. Oy! We’re leaving Oregon today. It rained every day. Today? Blue sky and no wind. April Fools, Bah!

  5. I’ll tell you, I’m glad you took that photo! I’m not sure exactly where you are, but I hear the NE is getting HIT…and it’s freezing cold and damp here…
    Much farther south than you are, and way past time for spring to be springing…
    Stay warm (and I hope the crocuses survive!)

  6. The crocus’ must look pretty poking through the snow! At least we are fairly assured (only fairly ’cause this IS New England) that it won’t last long 🙂

  7. Poor little things. But we know that the snow will melt fast at this time of year, right?

  8. Mother Nature is a cruel mistress.

    Oh, and spring is here. Or maybe summer. I’m not sure. Too hot to figure out what’s going on this week.

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