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Eye Candy Friday

I have blooming crocuses in my yard! Hooray! They are now covered in snow. Boooo. My friend Wendy says that snow this time of year is poor man’s fertilizer and I choose to believe her. Honestly, after the winter we’ve had, it’s all I’ve got left.

C’mon spring!

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  1. Yeah when that Dip ‘n Dot stuff started falling and sticking and accumulating I was pretty pissed too.

  2. By the end of the day yesterday the snow melted away. Hope yours does, too. Just heard the birds singing loudly. Spring you are a coming! Have a great weekend.

  3. Aren’t they lovely!!! I’m so glad you finally have some evidence of spring…(we’re supposed to have a bit of snow this weekend – it’s one of those flukey storms and won’t last long, I’m sure)

  4. I KNOW! This morning, I had to clean snow fluff off the windshield before I could drive to the dump.

  5. We’ve been expecting snow, but it’s a no go. Spring will come…spring will come…spring will come…spring will come…

  6. Oy! I cannot remember a time I didn’t get a response right off to you! Your crocuses are beee-u-tiful! We’ve arrived in Oregon to blooming plum trees. Lovely!

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