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In The Pink

The color for August for Project Spectrum is pink and suddenly I’m seeing pink everywhere!

I’ve got pink toes. You know, it’s hard to take a picture of your own feet and have it be flattering. Just sayin.

And a pretty pink pinwheel leftover from Dale’s birthday party.

I’m knitting pink socks. Please to note the perfectly matching Stitched by JessaLu Bag.

I’ve got lots of pink flowers.

And lots of pink flower photos.

They remind me of earlier summer days.

And they make me smile.

I love being in the pink!

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  1. Wow! Pink lupines — so beautiful. Reminds me of one of my favorite children’s books, Ms. Rumphius by Barbara Cooney.

  2. I have a JessaLu owl bag too (in a different pattern)! It is funny because I am not a pink girl but this cute little bag with blue and pink owls makes me smile every time!

  3. What gorgeous pink toes! Although I’m not really a “pink” person, I’m looking forward to playing with pink this month. It’s all around!

  4. Hey, you’re expanding your repertoire in sock knitting! (Also a Miss Rumphius lover.)

  5. I love you pink toes and the little painted design. As much as I love pink I’ve not noticed it much lately. Must get my head into PS for this month!

  6. I had a student once tell me I had a fuchsia aura. I’ve loved pink ever since!! LOVE you photos of flowers!

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