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Spinning Decisions

With all the spinning wheels I have around here, you probably think I have all kinds of spinning projects going on. The truth of the matter is, I don’t really like to be spinning more than one pile ‘o fiber at a time. It’s sort of like knitting projects – if you have too many going at once you never finish any projects. If you have too many wheels going at once (oh, if only!) you never finish any yarn.



That’s my most recently finished yarn. It’s 200 yards of Mama E’s C*eye*ber Fiber in the Margene’s Mountains colorway. I love the colors! It reminds me of Margene and it’s perfect for Project Spectrum, too.

I shouldn’t even show you this picture of the fiber drawer. How excessive.

When it was done, though, I was faced with a big decision — what to spin next! That’s when Project Spectrum really helps because I can use the color guidelines to narrow my choices. So when I came across two Grafton Fiber batts in this gorgeous shade of blue, well, the choice of what to spin next was pretty obvious.



I’m loving it! The blue is rich and deep and spinning these batts is always a pleasure.


And, as you can see, I’m not the only one who loves these fiber batts. Mason has obviously been talking to Miss Lulu about the comfort of a fibery bed.

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  1. Unlike my knitting, I like to stick with just one spinning project. Such a beautiful fibers you have in that drawer and your spinning looks great!

  2. Although I cannot say the same for my knitting, I do like to have only one active spinning project at a time…

    It’s possible that I would find that more difficult if I had the different wheels to choose from that you do, though. 😉

    The blue GF batt will be perfect for Project Spectrum and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    BTW – Mason? So. Freaking. Cute!

  3. That’s one smart kitty; he knows quality when he sees it (or should I say, when he feels it).

    That blue is beautiful!

  4. I’m a single spinning project gal too. How are you spinning from the batt – I am so intimidated by my grafton fiber that I have yet to spin any!

  5. I was going to tell you that I loved the Margene’s Mountain colorway, well, until I saw the blue. I think they are both beautiful. Mason looks so comfortable…

  6. I usually only have one wheel going at a time too, but right now I am spinning on 2 of them….it’s all good 🙂

  7. It’s probably a good thing I only own one wheel because I own several spindles and I have projects on at least four of them and my wheel (all laceweight which makes it all the more insane). Your yarn is gorgeous – beautiful colorway and beautiful spinning.

  8. Oh my…I can’t get over that you said the amount of fiber in your drawer is excessive! Is it!? NO! If it is, I’m in big trouble. Love the way your Margene turned out and that blue is just ‘to live for’. Smart Mason!

  9. Pretty yarn! If I had more than one wheel, I would have spinning going on on all of them… I can’t seem to stop flitting around from project to project.

  10. Wow, I love the Margene’s Mountains colorway! I guess I never have much yarn or anything around for the cats while I’m knitting, but lately, I can’t even get a knitted item arranged for a photo shoot before there’s a cat making itself comfortable on it. ; )

  11. Very pretty Margene colorway! Yea, I don’t think that fiber is excessive either. My quilting stash is bigger than that. And I never quilt.

  12. Love the Margene’s Mountains yarn. It really looks great. That fiber drawer has so much possibility. The blue fiber you chose looks great.

  13. How do cats find the most comfortable spot in the house? Lady Bird’s most comfortable spot of the day is on my arm. Makes it very hard to type.

    PS I thought your dish cloth was beautiful.

  14. Margene’s mountains is/are gorgeous! ;o)

    I love Grafton Fiber batts…and yours are beautiful! Those blues! Linda’s selling them on the site now – it was almost my undoing on Saturday when I came across that while updating my linkage.

  15. Your Margene yarn turned out great! Glad you are feeling well enough to get some spinning time. I just love the kitty photo; they are so smart,aren’t they?

  16. Mason is SUCH a big help. I can tell. 😉

    I don’t want to burst your bubble, but you only have a drawer? You obviously need more fiber.

  17. yeah – I’m with Susan.. that must be only ONE of your fiber drawers, right? either that or else.. oh man, I’m in deep –
    LOVE that Margene colorway – beauteefull spinning Carole.
    what a clever kitty – looks like a great place to sleep to me.

  18. That’s it? I don’t spin and I know that’s nothing. Carole, you need more fiber. Poor little Mason needs more than one batt style bed.

    Lovely spinning, btw. Lovin’ that blue.

  19. I’m with you…I only spin one fiber at a time! And about flashing your fiber….don’t worry about it…she who dies with the most wins!

  20. Okay, so that’s your fiber drawer, but where’s your stash? Is that it?!!!!!!!!!!!

    One of my favorite things is to stand in Linda’s booth at a fair, surrounded by her batts, and enjoy the way she handles color. We are so lucky to have her in the textile community!

  21. HAHAHA Excessive? EXCESSIVE? You aren’t even in the ballpark, girl. So the comments divide into “Nice fiber, baby”, and “EXCESSIVE??”. Ahhhhhh, never mind.

  22. I’m just cracking up over the last two comments! I haven’t even read any of the others. hehe

    Your Margene’s Mountain’s came out BEAUTIFUL! Isn’t it amazing how two spinners can create something completely different from the same colorway of roving? Awesome. Just awesome.

    It’s so fun to collect fiber. 🙂

  23. Your spinning looks GORGEOUS — I love that new blue and the Mama E’s looks pretty darn fabulous too. I also stick with one spinning project at a time and I’m doing that more with knitting too — I don’t like too many half-started things hanging around.

  24. Love your version of Margene’s Mountains! Your fiber stash might *look* small, but I suspect trick photography…that drawer looks mighty deep and fiber – you can squish it down to almost nothing! :o)

  25. Nothing excels like excess! Can there really be too much? If I gathered my stash in one (big) place, I don’t know what would happen. B would have to be out of the house;) Your yarn is just gorgeous! I’m telling ya, one of these days…a new spinner will be born. Can’t wait to see the blue all finished!

  26. One drawer is not excessive, it’s perfectly reasonable.

    I’m a much more monogamous spinner than knitter. I think it’s related to 3 things: being lazy and not liking to change bobbins mid-spin; concern that I will forget how I was spinning the last batch when I come back to it; having a limited number of bobbins.

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