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Random Thoughts About My Blogging

  • I think my blog used to be a lot more entertaining than it is these days.
  • I think this because yesterday I was searching the blog for the date of my last colonoscopy (it was January of 2007 so I am due to go again next year) and I read some of those posts from back then and they seemed a lot better than anything I am writing now.
  • Maybe I’ve run out of stuff to blog about.
  • Or maybe work is just busier than it was in those days and my creative writing juices get sucked out of me because of that.
  • I also noticed that I used to get a lot more comments than I do now.
  • The weird thing is that I have more readers than I did back then.
  • Is this the price you pay for becoming popular? Not that I think I’m popular but I do get a lot of hits.
  • And I know that Wordless Wednesday posts won’t generate a lot of comments and posts about knitting will bring you all out of the wood work . . . but still.
  • I’m a comment whore, I suppose.
  • Maybe  it’s time for a contest.
  • I’m going to Fiber Revival for the first time ever this Saturday, maybe I’ll pick up something to give away.
  • That will get the comments flowing, I bet.

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  1. I too am guilty of being a lazy commenter!!
    I love reading your blog and check everyday…I just don’t leave a comment…well that’s going to have to change because I don’t want your blog to go away!!!

  2. Count me as another of your regular readers/very seldom commenters…also feeling that my comments would usually add little. I found your blog because of the knitting, but I also love the photography and the stories about Hannah. I have a daughter who will be a junior in college this fall and a son who is beginning his freshman year, as well as younger kids. So it’s always interesting to me to read about someone else’s experiences with a child growing and maturing and going out into the world.

  3. Hi Stranger. I have gone through a lot of ups and downs with my blog and haven’t posted in a really long time. I seriously considered giving it up, but I’ve decided to give it one more try and see if I can make it work. I’ve had a lot of changes in my life in the last couple of years, and maybe things are at a point again where I have things to share. I always enjoy your blog and hearing what you’re up to – you inspire me to be a better blogger.

  4. If it helps, I’m still here and reading because I DO find you very entertaining. My work has changed drastically over the past 6 months and I’m not even knitting anymore. I even forgot my Ravelry login information! I try to catch up on the blogs on weekends and reduced how many I read. Yours is still there because you are lovely, funny, interesting and cool!!

  5. Oh, I feel bad that I haven’t commented lately. August and May are always busy with school. I enjoy your blog and visit often. I will do better! Love to see what you are knitting too.

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