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Eye Candy Friday

I couldn’t resist another shot of the beautiful flowers my friend Wendy gave me for my birthday. They are colorful and festive and they make me smile when I look at them.

Have an awesome weekend and SMILE!

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  1. You too Carole! I’d be happier if you were going to the book festival with me but you’re probably better off not since the autthor list is just “eh” and it’s supposed to rain all day. Have a great weekend and think dry thoughts for us.

  2. the flowers are gorgeous…hope they were a small part of a great celebration. I am still thinking about the events list for 1965, and the issue of LIFE magazine I have from the week of my birthday in February 1945. It has a photo of a lovely young woman in a bathing suit on the cover…people must have needed a respite from all the war news. Your list also brought memories of going with my grandmother to visit an eccentric old neighbor who fed about 50 cats. They were allowed to come into her mud porch and kitchen and all were perfectly trained not to cross the kitchen threshold. Anyway, her upstairs bedroom contained stacks and stacks of LIFE magazines, neatly arranged by year. What fun it was to go through them! Have a great weekend! Jo

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