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Eye Candy Friday

I love the bokeh-ness of this shot of a heart shaped crystal that I saw in a booth at King Richard’s Faire. It’s just so fun to take pictures of stuff like this, playing with the camera and the settings and post-processing.

How about you? What are you going to do that’s fun this weekend?

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  1. Great shot! We are celebrating Kelsey’s 17th birthday. After all she has been through, we need a little fun!

  2. Love the light and color that the heart reflects. Weekend with joy and knitting fun: Baby shower on Saturday, Stitches East on Sunday!

  3. great shot!
    a monkey on my back is no longer there, so i plan on knitting, spinning and maybe doing a little dyeing. i’m still tired from rhinebeck.

  4. love bokeh hearts! I’m working this weekend, but hope to get a bit of knitting in while we watch football (and maybe baseball!)

  5. Beautiful shot, Carole! I’m hoping to plant bulbs this weekend, and maybe do some knitting between chores. The excitement never ends. . .

  6. Get the deck and yard furniture stowed away for the winter, and get a flu shot at the elementary school. Fun, fun, fun! Also, there are three (!!!) movies we actually want to see at our local cinema – if only I can pry my family, and myself, out of the house now that darkness falls earlier.

  7. The golden light is beautifully captured.
    I’ve had the last couple of days off. Today we’re heading to Silver Fork and maybe Silver Lake. I doubt there are any leaves left on the aspen. Not sure where the moose will be. 🙂

  8. That’s a great shot, Carole. You truly are becoming quite the photographer!! We were going to have friends come over for dinner tomorrow, but today I find myself in bed with the stomach flu, so i predict a lot of netflix in my future.

  9. Great picture. I’m going to try to get the dying done while we have a few sunny and un-busy days so that I can move on with my project.

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