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Eye Candy Friday

These changing strawberry leaves are the closest thing I’ve got to a poppy these days so I’m posting them in honor of Veteran’s Day.

Say thank you to a veteran today, won’t you?

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  1. As I drove past the school I taught at I notice no cars in the teachers’ parking lot. Then it hit me. Since 2001 our school had a special assembly honoring our veterans. Over the past 10 years it has grown including vets from WWII to the current conflicts. Thanks to all.

  2. Love the photo. Hope you are feeling better. Already
    thanked someone and posted a message on FB. Happy
    Veterans Day!

  3. Behind again!

    The strawberry leaves are lovely! And, anyone who gets a kick otta irking the management is my kinda gal!

  4. Thanked my dad an Airforce Vet from Korean Way. Thanked our sweet friend Larry a Vietnam War Vet who is still struggling with his memories….He is a dear.

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