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Eye Candy Friday

A basket full of apples on my window sill is sometimes the only shot of color I see on these grey days of winter. I’ll be looking for color this weekend, though and I hope you will, too.

Make it a good one, my friends.

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  1. It really is hard to find color this time of year! Love the apples in the basket. Such a nice pop of red . . . and YUM! to!

  2. Apples are always pretty, but they are all that much more pretty in that basket. I love the treatment – perfect for the subject! Enjoy your day, Carole!

  3. Those shiny red apples look like they will be a nice contrasting color to the white we will be seeing tomorrow.

    I was looking forward to getting outside in the sunshine and taking some pictures but that will have to wait until Sunday I think. Have a great weekend!

  4. I have more knitting projects going right now than is truly reasonable, but I think I’m going to spend this weekend on the two that are colorful and leave the light blue and greys for another day. You are so right about needing some color this weekend.

  5. those apples are so pretty – at least there’s some sunshine! we’re seeing pops of pink (cherry tree blossoms) and yellow (daffodils, forsythia) here.

  6. the apples are beautiful. I would love to see a white winter however…being in Florida I never really see that 🙁

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