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Eye Candy Friday

This abandoned tractor is on my brother-in-law’s property in the part of our ‘hood we affectionately call “down back”. Dale and I walked there last weekend. It was chilly but not cold, the earth was muddy and it felt great to be outside.

I’m going to make sure to get outside this weekend, too. Before the Super Bowl, of course.

Go Pats!

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  1. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to get outdoors — comfortably — at this time of year? Wild winter, that’s for sure! Enjoy the weekend, Carole. (I’m not a football fan, and Tom is away, so you’ll have to let me know how The Big Game turns out!)

  2. Lovely composition. The sunlight was perfect to make the tractor’s red pop. It feels like spring here! I’m definitely going to find myself outside as much as possible! Maybe I’ll even clean out the garden (or not – the Fates might see!) Happy weekend, Carole!

  3. I walked this morning and the first 1/2 mile felt cold, but I warmed right up after that. It felt good to have the chill on my face. Wish I’d remembered my hat.
    Happy Weekend! Goooo Pats! 😉

  4. Go Pats!

    I’m going to go for a jog Sunday morning and possibly swim at the local pool before the game. Anything to make the game-time eats less of a problem.

  5. Cool tractor! My husband would love it. Enjoy the game. I’m looking forward to it. But Go GIANTS (sorry – you can’t take the NY out of me).

  6. That tractor would be lovely with some snow on it. We’re going to have “great” weather this weekend… but it’s really beginning to feel weird. I hope things go your way this weekend!

  7. As we left yoga this morning, my friend and I just sighed at the glorious blue sky. My daughter in CO is getting dumped on today. They can keep it. The tractor is now a sculpture of sorts, yes?

  8. being outside – and “comfortable” – is the best! every now and then I think I take too many photos at the park, but then I realize, it’s a huge part of my life and I want to capture that. I’ll be watching the super bowl – to see david beckham (sorry, I don’t really care who wins!). I want to figure out how to record just the commercials!

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