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Eye Candy Friday

Between the picture of the cardinal the other day and my neighbor’s shed today I’m guessing you can surmise that we had some snow last week. It’s long gone now but it was pretty while it lasted.

I hope you find something pretty to look at this weekend!

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  1. this one is “eye candy” only when it’s someone else’s yard!! it does look pretty and peaceful, but I’m looking forward to SPRING!

  2. The snow arrive upon our return from St. John’s V.I. I must admit it was very pretty, but I am happy for the mild temperatures 🙂 I think I could live with the snow/ then melt cycle.

  3. So envious of your snow. We’re having spring rain here! Today should be warm and beautiful. Your picture makes snow look so romantic, but my memory of it is running to the romantic side as we haven’t had anything this year!

  4. Your shot does make it look so inviting and idyllic. The shadows and sunlight were beautifully captured. Having an 18 year old driver in the house sure makes me look at snow differently these days, however. I hope your weekend is full of fun, Carole!

  5. Lovely photo Carole.

    We’ve had snow and freezing rain (the rain last night and today although it is now starting to snow) – crazy!

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