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Eye Candy Friday

Generally at this point in the year I am lucky to have crocus starting to bloom. This year, however, my crocus are already fading and I now have daffodils and forsythia. Weird. Anyway, I’m glad I took a bunch of crocus photos the other day before they withered away.

My weekend plans include some home improvement, some movie going, some relaxing and whatever else comes my way. Hope your weekend is great and includes whatever makes you happy!

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  1. such pretty purple! (and perhaps you’re seeing the hunger games? sara is devouring the books while she’s home this week…she made them #1 on my goodreads to-read list!)

  2. I have one lonely crocus in my front yard, but little bunches of mini jonquils are up in my flower bed! Have a great weekend!

  3. Our forsythia can alive yesterday. Our tulip magnolia is on the brink. I can’t wait to see the little leaves coming back onto the trees. Your crocus are so sweet. Isn’t it fun that such a sweet little flower defies the last touches of winter? Enjoy your weekend. Today marks the final work day before spring break! We’re meeting friends for drinks this evening to kick it off in style!

  4. My crocus is the same colors and they have already faded away. Next year I’m planting more colors! The forsythia around here is in full bloom, but the tulips and daffies are a little behind. There is a big jonquil patch across the street in full glory. My window is open this morning as it’s 60! The robins are in full chorus. It is spring, glorious spring!

  5. The pear trees are flowering here now. As my daughter’s spring break begins today, our apartment is about to experience a home invasion of her and her friends. Not that I’m complaining!

  6. Hunger Games? I miss school vacations with my kids very much. They must transition to the grown-up work schedule and so must their parents….sad.

  7. So pretty! I noticed the Dogwood Trees starting to bloom. Oh my goodness – so early. But great to see the color.

    Hunger Games at the movies perhaps? I am trying to read the book over the weekend so we can get to the movies sometime next week.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. My crocuses are over and I’m sad that I didn’t get at planting tulips last fall. I must remember to mark that on the calendar for next fall.

    I don’t have any daffodils either. Another note to write!!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Spring has been kind of crazy around here – it’s been 85 degrees in Maine! We usually still have snow on the ground this time of year. I’m half expecting a snow storm next week or something.

  10. are you going to the Hunger games carole???

    IM back to work. this weekend. IM ready.

    I have all day today and half tomorrow yet to play! and KNIT

  11. Wanted to help you reach your comment goal. I love your crocus picture. They are so pretty. I’m not sure where you are but here in NC the daffodils/jonquils have just about gone, the Bradford pear trees are mostly leaves. Such an early spring. I’m not looking forward to summer and the humidity. Thanks for the spring picture!

  12. We were just talking about how April and May are going to seem kind of dull and empty without all of the spring flowers! Tulips aren’t out here yet (at least that I’ve seen) but daffodils are, as are the magnolias and dogwoods and cherry trees. Wonder how early the rhododendrons will bloom!

  13. Our crocuses are pretty much gone. We have tulips! I have to wonder what April is going to be like without the spring flowers!

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