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Eye Candy Friday

I read somewhere that the cooler days we are now having will slow down our flowers and make them last longer – kind of like sticking them in the fridge. I hope that’s the case because daffodil season is far too short for me!

My weekend is gloriously without plans! Hooray!

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  1. It’s true, that. The cooler weather should hold the blooms longer! So nice when it works out that way. šŸ™‚ Enjoy every unplanned moment!

  2. That is nice if it works out! We wait so long for the daffodils
    and they are gone way too fast. Thanks for the camera
    app tips! Have a happy unplanned weekend!

  3. So true. Now if tomorrows snow doesn’t beat them down to the ground and bend their stems I’ll be happy.

  4. hope your cooler weather sticks around to keep those daffodils blooming! and find some fun stuff to fill up your unplanned time! (knitting, perhaps?!)

  5. I like that concept of “refrigerating” our flowers. Sounds like some places might actually “freeze” them with snow tonight. I think we are supposed to only get a little rain down here but ya never know.

    Enjoy some down time this weekend!

  6. Huh. My “refrigerator” is leaking today, too! When we get some warmth & sunshine after this (it’s coming, I hear), WOW, things are going to be busting out all over!

  7. Our daffodils are, sadly, done for the most part. I hope you get a little extra time to enjoy yours

  8. Carole, have you and Dale ever been to Plaid Jacket Antiques in Millis? He has quite the assortment of Civil War memorabilia. My son was telling me that he has a working 1860-era “personal protection” cannon in full working order that is for sale there. I haven’t been there yet but it is on the agenda.

  9. I had that same liberating no plan weekend feeling, too. Such an overwhelming week that I was too tired to book a massage appointment with a certificate I had!

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