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Eye Candy Friday

I have wanted foxglove in my garden for ages and I finally bought a plant the other day. I originally wanted a more vibrant pink but I decided this soft lavender colored one was just perfect for my perennial bed. I love how old-fashioned they are and their tall blooms are so striking this time of year.

I hope you all have a gorgeous weekend!

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  1. They are a lovely biennial in that they grow their first year and then wait until the second to bloom. They re-seed freely so you always have some blooms from many plants each year. I started off with a similar color to yours and now have a whole bunch ranging in color from a deep fuchsia to a light pink/ lavender. Hummingbirds and bumblebees love them. Great photo!

  2. Carole, I have them growing wild in the sandy lot next to my house. Pink! So Pretty!

  3. We had a patch of foxglove growing wild (or naturalized) between our house and the neighbors in Oregon — all colors, so incredibly beautiful. Alas, I’ve planted many, many times here and while they WILL grow here, they WON’T grow for me. Poo.

  4. That’s an especially pretty photo. Fingers crossed for sun at last and good gardening weather here in NE!

  5. When I lived in southern California, foxglove grew like a dream (along with just about everything else!). Alas, in Idaho foxglove is an annual- at least that big blousy variety. One pays a price to have four seasons, i suppose. Yours is INCREDIBLE! Happy, happy weekend.

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