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Eye Candy Friday

It’s another peony but I can’t help myself – they are just so splendid right now! These hot pink ones are my favorites and they are blooming profusely but they won’t last long. That’s sort of the wonder of photography, though! I can enjoy them anytime of year.

We’ve got some fun stuff going on this weekend, including two graduation parties, and you can bet I’ll be hitting the gym, too. Work hard and play hard, that’s my new motto!

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  1. Go Carole! My peonies had mixed reviews. One was glorious, the other not so much.

  2. Oh, beautiful! Love the peonies! Mine were absolutely stunning this year . . . until a full day of rain yesterday. . . (Luckily, I had a chance to cut a few to enjoy indoors.) Have a great weekend.

  3. One of my favorite colors. It’s a wonderful shot, Carole. Happy Friday! 🙂

  4. Gorgeous! Mine aren’t blooming yet…the lilacs just started this week so the peonies shouldn’t be too far behind.

  5. We’re still waiting for the peonies to pop out up here. Have a wonderful and enjoyable weekend. I love that motto!

  6. Our peonies aren’t quite out yet… I have some really old plants, and they’re amazing.

    Fiber frolic weekend!

  7. Peonies are the state flower of Indiana. Until this year my grandmother grew beautiful white and pale pink peonies. She is finally too old to care for them and my brother decided to plant a fence in the peony bushes this year. So, the peonies are no more. It makes me a little sad to think that her carefully tended flowers are so carelessly destroyed.

  8. Love the Peony pictures…they are beautiful! Wish I had some in my yard here in the dry, hot, prickley desert. Have a great weekend.

  9. I am loving the peonies you photograph! It’s too hot and dry here for such. beauty to grow. Please don’t hesitate posting them when the mold strikes!

  10. love the peonies and never mind a few more photos of them!! I took my first pilates class yesterday. might be hooked!!

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