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Eye Candy Friday

Flowers from the garden at our secret getaway location. You’ve got to love those blue hydrangeas! Anyone know what the pink flower is? They are growing on a rope ladder that will train the vine to go up the chimney and it’s going to be spectacular once it does.

Speaking of spectacular – it’s the weekend! Yay!

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  1. They look like clematis to me, but I’m no expert on flowers.
    I love the blue hydrangeas. The cape is full do them.

  2. I’m thinking clematis also…especially when you said it’s a vine. They are beautiful but finicky to grow…here at least! I’ve tried 3 times with no success…

  3. Yep, pretty sure it is clematis. It comes in beautiful colors but have to agree that it can sometimes be hard to grow.

  4. Clematis for sure. I have one just like it. Actually, it’s very easy to grow in the midsouth. I cannot kill mine, even with neglect.

  5. aren’t you lucky to have so many gardening friends! (me, I had no idea…but now I do!) enjoy your weekend. prayers for Tom today…

  6. I agree with all of the clematis votes! Both the leaves and flowers look like clematis and when you said it was a vine, that confirmed it!

  7. Beautiful shot, Carole! We have white, purple, and magenta clematis in our yard. They weather nicely here and help me get over the fact that we don’t have bougainvillea. I love, love coastal gardens!

  8. It is indeed a clematis. This particular variety is called Nellie Moser. Very popular here in the UK.

  9. One more thing, someone in my neighbourhood trained their similar clematis to grow up a fir tree and in its height looked like the tree was blooming with flowers. Looked beautiful.

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