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Eye Candy Friday

A photo of my friend’s living room. So cozy and perfect for a chilly fall evening together –  there’s really no way I’d rather spend my time than sitting by the fire with good friends, sharing wine and stories and laughter.

I hope you spend some time this weekend doing something wonderful.

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  1. Those fireplaces and wood stoves have been put to good use these last couple of days. Hope you have a weekend that’s just as relaxing as that picture.

  2. That’s a wonderful picture, both the image and the words. Have a great time, and I’m going to my sister’s house, where there’s a fireplace—and start some socks!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Carole

    We had a fire last night and will enjoy another tonight……
    Your friends hearth is delightful and cozy.

    I m knitting socks tonight

  4. Woke up to 29 degrees. Your photo is most inviting. I hope your weekend continues to be picturesque.

  5. when making ravioli the pasta is made very very thin so that the ready made ravioli aren’t too heavy… with fettuccine instead you have to leave the pasta sheet a bit thicker to avoid the clumpy mess. Your ravioli look GORGEOUS

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