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Eye Candy Friday

When the sun comes up in the morning the red bushes around my father-in-law’s shed are practically glowing. I’m savoring the color while it lasts, I can tell you that.

I hope you find something to savor this weekend, friends.

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  1. I am loving the colors this year. And I’m in awe that with all the storms we have had that there are still leaves on the trees! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Is that a burning bush? Love those! One of my biggest regrets is the removal of one in front of my house shortly after moving in (it blocked my view of the sidewalk and I couldn’t see my kids – so good reason, but still). I love the variety of reds in them, too. It’s really lovely against the gray. Also love that little gray shed!

  3. I have about 30 large red leaves on my Kwanzaan cherry tree that are doing the same thing. Savoring mine too. 🙂

  4. Our color is pretty much over, so this eye candy was a special treat. When I moved to Colorado most of the fall foliage was yellow. Now we have much more variety including the dazzling red bushes. Have a great weekend!

  5. I do miss the changing of the leaves…not much of that here in Arizona. Everything stays green until about this time of year, then over night it dies and turns brown, then we get new leaves again in January. Enjoy your weekend and the lovely fall leaves.

  6. What a picturesque shot! You’ve really captured what imagine New England is like in the fall. Does your father-in-law’s shed still have its inhabitant?

  7. Pretty photo.
    Seeing old buildings like this always makes me wonder about their history. I wish you could comment on the building someday. When was it built?, what was it first used for?. Who built it….

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